The easiest way to install Starkli is to use starkliup, a portable script that downloads prebuilt binaries and manages shell configuration for you. However, it might not be available depending on your device's platform and/or architecture.

Note that if you use any installation method other than starkliup, you will need to manually set up shell completions.

Using starkliup

If you're on Linux/macOS/WSL/Android, you can install stakrliup by running the following command:

curl | sh

You might need to restart your shell session for the starkliup command to become available. Once it's available, run the starkliup command:


Running the commands installs starkli for you, and upgrades it to the latest release if it's already installed.

starkliup detects your device's platform and automatically downloads the right prebuilt binary. It also sets up shell completions. You might need to restart your shell session for the completions to start working.

ℹ️ Note

Over time, starkliup itself may change and require upgrading. To upgrade starkliup itself, run the curl command above again.

Prebuilt binaries

Prebuilt binaries are available with GitHub releases for certain platforms.

Prebuilt binaries are best managed with starkliup. However, if you're on a platform where starkliup isn't available (e.g. using starkli on Windows natively), you can manually download the prebuilt binaries and make them available from PATH.

Install from source

If you have Rust installed, it's also possible to install starkli directly from source. Installing from source might be necessary if you want to use an unreleased feature, for example.

ℹ️ Note

Shell completions would not be configured when you install starkli from source. You need to manually set up shell completions for it to work.

To install from GitHub:

cargo install --locked --git

ℹ️ Note

It's not recommended to install Starkli from, as Starkli is no longer published there there after v0.1.8.

This is because Starkli uses Git dependencies due to the need to bundle multiple SemVer-compatible versions of the Sierra compiler.